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DDR3/3L Memory Controller

S3Craft Technologies is proud to offer a best-in-class synthesizable DDR3/3L Memory Controller IP core featuring superior performance and advanced run-time configurability.

Complying with JEDEC DDR3/3L specifications and conforming to the DFI 3.1 standard, the DDR3 Memory Controller provides industry-leading performance of 3,200 MT/s at 800 MHz core clock frequency on 28HP and 1,600 MT/s at 400MHz core clock frequency on 65LP technology nodes, made possible by world-class design engineering from S3Craft.

High Performance Architecture

  • 3,200 MT/s @ 28HP & 1,600 @ 65LP
  • Low latency paths to & from the PHY
  • Smart command re-ordering scheduler
  • Two read queues with different priorities
  • Tagged AXI interface supports out-of-order
    read return data & data interleaving

Best-in-class Quality & Performance

  • Configurable QoS/port based arbitration
  • Built-in anti-starvation mechanisms
  • Configurable open/closed page policy
  • Configurable priority scheme
  • Power management for controller & DRAM

Ready for the Next Generation Designs

  • Supports 64, 32, 16 and 8 bit memories
  • Supports multi-rank memory configuration
  • Programmable timing parameters
  • Software control for key features
  • Verified with established DDR3 PHY & VIPs

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